Art school with an Edge – Begin your Pratt BFA upstate at PrattMWP.

PrattMWP Campus Views

Why do so many serious young artists from across the globe choose to begin their Pratt BFA in Utica at PrattMWP?

Is it the guaranteed junior-year admission to Pratt Brooklyn? The significant cost savings and generous scholarship programs? Pratt’s strong national rankings? Our location at the celebrated Munson Museum of Art?


But, perhaps more important, PrattMWP students project a distinct confidence that comes from being educated at a small, supportive, and fervent campus.

This environment gives our students a special edge.

PrattMWP students perform so well as juniors and seniors on the main campus because the first two years of their art degree are spent in a tight-knit community of working artists that individually nurtures their potential. Just far enough from the noise and distractions of the big city art scene, PrattMWP is a place for a young artist to develop and test their own voice – and have that voice be heard.

A Location Where Artists Can Grow

Life experience is so important for an artist’s development and PrattMWP students spend their years immersed in, not one, but two strikingly different environments with lively art cultures. In addition to the dynamic energy of NYC, PrattMWP students gain the insight of living in upstate NY for two years.

Utica is a small, storied city that offers a wealth of unique advantages for young artists. Distinguished by a long history of industry and agriculture, prominent architecture, and a richly diverse population speaking more than 43 languages, the city of Utica possesses an untouched authenticity that is inherently inspirational. Students who find their muse in nature are also close to more than 6 million acres of protected Adirondack wilderness.

The PrattMWP campus allows students to achieve all the prestige and benefits of a Pratt art education – at a location that develops their confidence, their individual voice, and their insight into the world.

What type of student chooses to come to PrattMWP in Utica before studying in Brooklyn?

One who is focused. Serious. And dedicated to being an artist – in the truest sense.

Are you that student?

Apply now.