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There are many reasons why PrattMWP is an excellent prospective college choice.
PrattMWP was ranked among the top design schools by Graphic Design USA, and Pratt Institute is ranked among the top design schools by BusinessWeek. Pratt was also ranked first among art and design schools in USA Today for fine arts and studio programs.

World-Class Majors in Art and Design: PrattMWP College of Art and Design offers the first two years (identical curricula) of Pratt Institute’s prestigious bachelor’s degree programs in

How Does it Work?

Pratt Institute offers you the option of starting your bachelor’s degree at our campus, PrattMWP College of Art and Design, and then finishing your degree at Pratt’s main campus in Brooklyn. You spend the first two years of your four-year BFA at PrattMWP in Utica, New York, and then automatically relocate to Brooklyn in your junior year to complete the last two years of your degree.  The relocation to Brooklyn is a seamless transition; no separate application is required to relocate. Upon graduation, you are awarded your bachelor’s degree by the renowned Pratt Institute and become part of a prestigious community of talented Pratt alumni. Starting your BFA at PrattMWP provides you with the same prestigious education you would receive at Pratt’s Brooklyn campus. 

Although the vast majority of students transition to Brooklyn to finish their degree, you may also apply to any other college as a transfer student.


Why Do Students Choose to Start Their Bachelor’s Degree at PrattMWP College of Art and Design?

  • an intimate and nurturing environment with a 10 to 1 student to teacher ratio, ensuring individualized attention in every class.  PrattMWP’s faculty members are all professional artists and designers.
  • a beautiful campus with a mix of historic and contemporary architecture, including modern, fully-equipped studios, generous on-campus housing, and a prestigious museum of art—Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art—located in Utica, New York, a quaint city near six million acres of protected Adirondack wilderness, providing many exciting activities and inspiration out-side of the classroom. Our location provides an ideal environment for students who prefer a quieter environment for the first two years. 
  • generous merit based scholarships, up to approximately half tuition, and a substantially lower tuition cost for the first two years than most top art and design schools

Pratt Institute’s Rankings

  • PrattMWP is ranked among the top design schools in the United States in Graphic Design USA.
  • #1PayScale (2014) (Ranked Pratt #1 among the best schools for art and design majors on to the mid-career salary of its graduates.
  • #1 Global Language Monitor (Ranked first nationally among all schools of art and design by Global Language Monitor in a survey that measures "electronic buzz" about schools)
  • #5 QS World University Rankings by Subject (Ranked fifth in the world for art and design out of 50 colleges, 2015)
  • #5 Graphic Design USA (Ranked number five out of the top ten most influential design schools of the past half century)
  • #6 Business Insider (Ranked sixth in Business Insider’s rankings of the World’s 25 Best Design Schools)
  • #8 Red Dot Design (Ranked eighth in Red Dot Design’s 2013 international ranking of universities)
  • #10 University Business (Ranked as the tenth college in the US in the UniversityBusiness magazine's exclusive "Higher Education 2013 TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings" report)
  • #20 US News and World Reports (Ranked number 20 in U.S. News and World Report's "Regional Universities North" category. Pratt was the only independent college of art and design to place in this category)
  • Pratt was ranked among the top design schools by BusinessWeek.

Program Rankings

  • #1 Fine Art and Studio Programs (Ranked first nationally in USA Today, 2015, by College Factual)
  • #5 Art and Design (Ranked fifth in the world for art and design out of 50 colleges by QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2015)
  • #7 Graphic Design (Ranked seventh by Animation Career Review, 2015)

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