The demand for dynamic thought-provoking and influential design is greater now than ever. Each day hundreds of millions of dollars worth of graphic design, illustration and advertising are purchased. The distinction between mundane design and that which truly communicates is central to the mission of PrattMWP. We'll do more than merely sharpen your technical skills, we'll teach you how to put ideas into other people's minds. We produce illustrators, advertisers and graphic designers who are widely recognized, actively sought and well paid for their command of these vital creative talents

COMD 240
Research, Analysis and Process
3 credits
This course introduces student's o the research methodologies and processes that form the foundation of successful communications design. It demonstrated how communication design is shaped by the problem solving phases of learning, identifying, generating and implementation and how these methodologies can be applied to the understanding of audiences, organizing content, developing strategies, and defining purposes.

COMD 241
Image as Communication
3 credits
This image as Communication course is an in-depth investigation inti the use of the image as a tool for transmitting messages and telling stories. Students will explore the use of visual rhetoric, composition, editing, context, sequencing, scale and other design fundamentals, all in the service of a concept or narrative.

COMD 242
Process and Production
3 credits
This course introduces students to the production process of print-based media. Through a number of weekly short assignments students will explore and apply a variety of both analog and digital processes and presentation techniques. These assignments will function as an introduction to a range of design tools using both traditional and emerging technologies. Students will be tasked to determine, step-by-step, how best to execute and present a design solution. In addition to professional standards in publication software, focus will be on demonstration the potential of combining different tools and techniques into the designer's workflows.

COMD 250
Typography and Information Design
3 credits
This course focuses on the analysis, management and representation of content in a way that fosters efficient and effective understanding, balances with attractive or artistic expression. Using self-generated and existing content, students learn the basics of typography, information and interface design in both sand-alone visuals and dynamic, interactive documents. The roles of structure, hierarchy, layering, sequence, editing and navigation of information are explored. Study of the different ways to organize, represent and navigate content provide a thorough ground for advance typographic, information and interface design as print pieces, websites, apps, map making, wayfinding systems, diagrams, charts and data graphics.

Dynamic Imagery
3 credits
This course focuses on designing motion, animation and time-based experiences for Communications Design. This includes learning the fundamental skills of how to generate ideas in time, how to build a dramatic construction, and how to connect images in a narrative sequence. Through studio inquiry and problem solving, students will learn the visual, conceptual, technical and creative promotions and branding for the screen and for multimedia environments. Students will be encouraged to develop their individual creative ability and support this with a high level of technical skills.

Digital Prototyping
3 credits
This course introduces students to the tools and production processes involved in the production of time-based and interactive media. Through hands-on lectures and the development of a series of short assignments, students will acquire the skills to naturally incorporate a variety of digital authoring tools and technologies into their workflows, exploring the properties and constraints of designing for digital media. Students will gain the ability to execute design solutions integrating time-based media, dynamic content and interactivity.



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