Ensuring Success: Academic Assistance is Available to All PrattMWP Students

At PrattMWP, we are dedicated to helping students succeed.

academic assistance 9450027415 oAll students are assigned an academic advisor. Academic advisors can answer questions about your curriculum.

The Student Life Director can facilitate one-on-one support in all academic courses, as well as addressing concerns with writing skills, study skills, and time management. These services are available to all PrattMWP students on an appointment basis. Students who have been assessed and have IEPs are encouraged to register with the Student Life Director.

The PrattMWP writing lab is also available to help students with their writing assignments. The writing lab hours are posted in the Library at the start of every semester.

Students Requiring Learning Accommodations
Students who have a document learning disability are encouraged to seek the assistance of our Student Life Director immediately upon arrival at PrattMWP. Please send any documents to the attention of the Student Life Director as soon as possible.

In college students must become "self-advocates" for learning accommodation services. Therefore, it is critical that you inform the Student Life Director and your faculty of your specific learning accommodations.

If you believe that you are struggling in class due to an undocumented learning disability, the Student Life Director will connect you with a local agency who can assess your learning style and help develop a plan appropriate to your needs.



PrattMWP boasts one of the greatest academic art programs and learning environments in the northeast.

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First-Year Foundation

Drawing, 3-D Design, 4-D Design, Light/Color/Design, Liberal Arts

Students spend the first
two years of their Pratt art degree working closely with full-time faculty in a serious, focused art environment.

Fine Arts

Drawing, Jewelry, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Integrated Practices

PrattMWP students
show their work in our professional galleries to established, captive audiences.

General Education Core

Communications Design

Graphic Design, Illustration

Prepare for a Bright Design Career at the Highly Ranked
Pratt Visual Communications Design Program.


If your goal is to earn a photography degree from a top New York photography school, PrattMWP is an outstanding option.

Art & Design Education

Teacher Preparation/Certification

Art Teacher Certification Program

PreCollege Programs


Academic Calendar

Student Life

The Student Life Office provides a safe and inclusive environment
to promote the holistic development of PrattMWP students,
not only as artists but as actively engaged and responsible community members.

Sophomore Award Winner Gallery 2020

Special Programs

Request Information

Visiting Campus

More than 43 languages are spoken in the city of Utica.

Apply to PrattMWP

Applying to PrattMWP College of Art and Design

Community Art

Beyond college education and studio time, PrattMWP students have even more opportunities to delve into their artistic passions through the Munson-Williams-Proctor
School of Art.