Our Admissions Staff Is Excited to Meet You & Review Your Art

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PrattMWP wouldn’t be the amazing institution it is without our passionate admissions staff and their dedication to assisting, recruiting, and reviewing our applicants. Through their hard work, PrattMWP targets high-quality students that make the PrattMWP.

All of our admissions officers hold degrees in art-related disciplines and are responsible for providing prospective students with information about PrattMWP and our admission process. They travel to various areas to share the PrattMWP experience with students and families.

We encourage you to contact the Admissions department at ((800) 755-8920 or by e-mail with any questions. You can also contact specific admissions staff members directly:

The Team

Shannon Stockbridge
Admissions and Creative Strategy Director
Phone: (315) 797-0000 ext. 2182

Rayn-Boe Shutler
Admissions Counselor
Phone: (315) 797-0000 ext. 2248