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Dev Sreerama


PrattMWP Dean Donna Moran talks with Communications Design Sophomore Dev Sreerama


Where were you born?
Bangalore, India

Did you live there until you came to PrattMWP?

Why did you decide to major in ComD?
Design as a subject has always caught my interest. ComD has various fields that branch out from it, such as graphic design, advertising and illustration, out of which advertising is something that I wanted to pursue. I feel that advertising is a good mix of design and a splash of business that provides us different viewpoints to the field.

What makes you want to study Industrial Design?
I have always loved 3D design, because I find it so interesting how a design element enters our space and interacts with us. I personally feel that industrial or product design will help me understand and devise usable products for people in society these days.

What activities have you been part of here?
I have been a part of the student council and the programming board this year. I also try my best to help students who are new to get used to the school and I always love meeting new people. I try my best to attend as many school events and outings as I can and also stay involved with school activities in any way possible. There are many things I enjoy. Coming from a warm country, the cold and snow is quite new to me. I have really seemed to enjoy ice skating and skiing. I do like to travel around too, so I visit cities and museums close by.

Any special interests?
Back home, I played chess in the district level and badminton in the club level.

When you are finished with your B.F.A., do you plan to stay in NYC?
This is a little hard to answer right away, mainly because there is a part of me that wants to stay back, but at the same time home is home. I do plan on doing a M.B.A. course once I’m done with my B.F.A. That is something that I want to start thinking of a lot more seriously.

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