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Kaitlin Millenage


PrattMWP Dean Donna Moran talks with Kaitlin Millen


Where were you born?
Buffalo, NY and raised in Derby, NY.

What is the focus of your art practice?
Painting and sculpture.

Why did you decide to major in art and design education?
I have a passion for educating others and creating a positive influence for young people as well as having the ability to share what I love. I feel as if becoming an educator makes you a gift that just keeps on giving.

What age group are you interested in teaching?
I would prefer to work with high school age students due to the fact that I would have the ability to help the student explore painting and sculpture in specialized classes.

What activities have you been involved in on campus?
I am an RA, an active member of student government and the programming board, and I organize events on campus. I really strive to be as involved as possible and make my presence known.

Is there anything you like to spend time on outside of school?
I enjoy painting and needle felting in my free time. I am also working on my internship with the Children’s Museum. To start my teaching career, I recently was hired as a youth counselor at a local Community Action Organization back home.

When you are finished with your B.F.A. at Pratt do you plan to stay in New York City?
In the year 2020, I will have my B.F.A. and M.S. in art and design education with a NYS initial certification in visual arts, Pre-K–12. I would very much like to be able to stay in NYC but, realistically, I will go back home and would like to teach at Lake Shore Central High School.  

Any special interests?
I enjoy providing comedic relief for those around me. I also have a true passion for sculpture.

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