Natalia Maldonado

PrattMWP Dean Donna Moran talks with Natalia Maldonado

Where were you born?

I was born in a beautiful town called Villalba in Puerto Rico.

Did you live there until attending PrattMWP?

All my life I’ve been a moving machine. I’ve moved from Puerto Rico to Utica more times than I liked, but on the other hand, it has toughened me up for life’s challenges, I guess. This June 2017 I’ll be hitting my four-year mark of being back in Utica again. I do plan to go back to Puerto Rico, but only to visit.

Why did you choose fine arts as your major?

In the beginning, I was told that choosing fine arts was a dumb choice to make. I had one art teacher tell me I’d never be able to go anywhere with it. My sophomore year came and I almost switched to illustration, but was denied because of space issues. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to show people my art, but then I started my painting class with Greg Lawler and I’m beyond glad I never switched majors. Because of fine arts I was able to find painting. Never let others influence your choices in life - especially if it is something you want to do for the rest of your life.

Why painting?

Painting to me is like putting butter on bread. It’s beyond soothing and applying it reminds me of butter always. It’s crazy to think that I’m able to transform a blank white canvas into an image that I have in my head.
What activities have you been involved in on campus?

I’ve been a part of many activities at the school like: Pratt’s Summer Program as an RA, Alternative RA, and many clubs like Student Government, Programming Board, Good Vibes etc.

How does it feel to be a commuter?

Being a commuter comes with pros and cons. Your cons are you don’t live where all the action is. By action I mean the studios, friends, activities, etc., and to be completely honest that sucks. The pros are that you don’t have to pay as much as everyone else did. So being a commuter, I try my best to stay as long as I can with friends or in the studios. I would also buy lunch at the school and chill with friends there. It’s hard being a commuter at times because of the juggling between two homes. If you commute, just always make sure to remind yourself that you are a college student and it’s okay to hang out and stay a little later than usual. And always stay informed of free lunches/ dinners because of some events!