Nicole Galuszka Portrait April Bullletin

Nicole Galuszka

Prattmwp Dean Donna Moran talks with Sophomore Illustration Major Nicole Galuszka

Where were you born?

Buffalo, I have lived there my whole life with my mom, my dad, my two younger siblings, and my dog.

Why did you decide to major in Communications Design?

Out of all the majors, my interests aligned the most with communications design, considering how much I love “witty” art and graphics. Now that I’ve been here for a while, I’ve realized that no major can really define my interests anymore, or appeal to me, because I just want to try everything. I’m an artist in the broadest sense at this point, with an interest in everything.

What is your concentration in Communications Design?

Illustration. I am very fine-arts oriented in the sense I love working with my hands.

What activities have you participated in at MWPAI?

I’m the President of Student Council right now, but I had been on Student Council for a year prior. I’m also a member of the Programming Board. It’s hard to squeeze in time for more than those things. However, right now I’m working on creating a seminar for “coming out;” just a quick session to walk people through how to come out to their parents.

Is there anything you like to spend time on outside of school?

I absolutely love hiking and camping. The more difficult the better! I also write a lot in my spare time, usually while listening to the worst 70s rock music.

When you are finished with your B.F.A., do you plan to stay in the Brooklyn/NYC area?

After graduation, I really envision myself doing something that I didn’t major in — whether that is taking photos or being a sculpture assistant, I really want to try things outside of the scope of my career path before I get too serious about my work. After that, I really just want to have a job that makes enough where I can give people money or help people out whenever they need it, while being stable myself. I also want my art to enter into the commercial sector, just so one day my parents, grandparents, and godfather can recognize it on their way to work or out on the town and be proud.

Any special interests?

Right now, I am playing with macquettes and a lot of different sculptural works with the intention of photographing them like illustrations. I’m also working on a comic book called Nosy, about a mailman with a big nose, but an even bigger heart, who always seems to get into trouble.

Nicole Galuszka Project April 15