Nolween Carfantan

Nolwenn.CarfantanPrattMWP Dean Donna Moran Talks With Sophomore Nolween Carfantan, Fine Arts Painting Major

Where were you born?
I was born in Tarbes, a little citylocated in the south of France.

Did you live there until you came to PrattMWP?
After my birth, my parents moved to the west side of France, Nantes, which I considered as my hometown. Until I came to PrattMWP, I’ve never lived anywhere else than France.

Why did you decide to major in painting?
Since I’ve known how to hold a brush, I have always painted; it’s my passion and I can’t see myself doing anything else… even for a living.

Which particular style ofpainting are you interested in?
These days I’m very interested in the modern realism’spaintings that have been created since the development of abstraction in modern art.

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What campus activities have you been part of at PrattMWP?
Most of the events planned for the students and artistic projects in collaboration with other students. However, I have to admit that I’m not very involved in the clubs created at the beginning of the year.

Is there anything you like to spend time on outside of school?
As probably everyone here, I enjoy spending the rest of my time, especially when I come back home, with my family and friends, because I miss them a lot. Otherwise outside of school, I like being able to work more on my personal projects that I couldn’t do during class.

When you have completed your BFA, do you plan to stay in the Brooklyn/NYC area?
When I graduate, everything will depend on if I am able to get a job in the USA or to enter into another school for my MFA, because otherwise, for visa reasons, I will have to go back in France, which doesn’t bother me; either way is fine with me.

Any special interests?
I think that, thanks to my parents, I have a huge interest in the cinema; especially movies based on true stories or documentaries about historical facts. It’s a bit strange as an interest, but this is often what I love watching by myself.

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