Connor Bosmans

Connor PortraitPrattMWP Dean Donna Moran talks with Sophomore Connor Bosmans

Where were you born?
In a small beach town in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.

Did you live there until you came to PrattMWP?
Yes, I’ve lived there my whole life.



Why did you decide to major in Sculpture?
I actually came to the school originally as a ComD major but quickly realized that I didn’t enjoy working on a computer and that commercially driven work wouldn’t feed my need forconceptual thinking. Taking 3D for the first time in my life during my first semester really radicalized my thought process and I loved the physicality of working with real materials. I also really enjoyed the freedom of sculpture and looking at its history compared to how contemporary sculptors are making work.

What activities have you been part of on campus?
Last year I was involved in Student Government, Programming Board, and Environmental Club. This year I was luckily elected as President of the Programming Board so I have been devoting my time mostly to that, planning and organizing all the student life events for the semester.

Is there anything you like to spend time on outside of school?
I’ve really enjoyed the different art opportunities in the local area. The film and lecture series at MWPAI is really fantastic. I also really enjoy the gallery openings and talks at the Other Side Gallery. I especially like checking out the artists in residences’ work at Sculpture Space. Some non-art related things I’ve enjoyed are exploring the city’s history, particularly discovering all of the different surviving architecture.

When you are finished with your BFA, do you plan to stay in the Brooklyn/NYC area?
I know I want to stay in NYC just because of the art scene and the many art and cultural institutions that create community for contemporary artists to work and live there. I just can’t imagine working in a studio by myself and not having the energy of ideas being exchanged that exists primarily at art schools or art communities. Starting a collaborative art studio space in NYC or perhaps joining one is really the dream or even traveling the world doing residencies with other artists in different communities.

Any special interests?
Whenever I have spare time, I really enjoy going to the library and spending time researching a wide variety of things. I’ve also been making one-off random earrings made from any material small and light enough to be strung and hooked onto an ear. Most are tacky and lack any real aesthetic concern but that’s why I love doing them.

Connor Sculpture