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Sidney Namey, self-portrait

PrattMWP Dean Donna Moran Talks With Sophomore Sidney Namey, Communications Design Major

Where were you born?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Did you live there until you came to PrattMWP?
I’ve lived in a small town outside Pittsburgh my whole life.

Why did you decide to major in painting?
I’ve always had an interest in visual arts, but I wanted to go into a field where I’d have a prompt to create work. Through experience, I’ve found that I tend to work better when I’m given guidelines and deadlines.

Which particular area of Communications Design are you interested in?
I’m concentrating in illustration because I like a more painterly style and want to continue to practice traditional methods and media as well as digital design.

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Fashion Cover Lace

What campus activities have you been part of at PrattMWP?
Not many students know about it, but I love the free film series at the Museum. Recently, I worked with student activities to set up a private screening of the movie Loving Vincent for PrattMWP students. I’m also a part of the student life staff as a residence assistant.

Is there anything you like to spend time on outside of school?
When I’m not in school, I spend my time hanging out with friends, seeking out museums, or working at AMC Theatres.

When you have completed your BFA, do you plan to stay in the Brooklyn/NYC area?
I’d like to stay close to New York City because of the opportunities for design jobs, but, being from a rural area, I eventually want to live somewhere with more open space and hopefully a few cows.

Any special interests?
As well as visual art, I’m into music and theatre. I participated in seven plays and musicals in high school and have played piano, saxophone, and flute for years.

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