Frequently Asked Questions About PrattMWP Housing

faqs 9459401060 oWhere can I do laundry on campus?

One great perk of the PrattMWP campus is that doing laundry is completely free for students. This is a huge money-saver! There is a laundry room in the basement of each of our three residence halls. Each residence hall is equipped with brand new, high efficiency washers and dryers.

Can I have pets on campus other than fish?

No. Students may only keep fish on campus as pets, in a tank no bigger than 10 gallons. Please note that your pets are not allowed to “visit” you in the residence halls.

What can I do if my roommates and I are having trouble getting along?

Living with another person can be one of the most challenging aspects of college life, but also one of the most rewarding. The communication and negotiation skills that you must use to live with others will be of great use to you for the rest of your life. In order to get your roommate relationship off to a good start, all students can complete a “Roommate Agreement” together.

Agreements can be accessed through your Resident Assistant (RA). If issues persist, your RA and other Residence Life Staff can help you and your roommates resolve your challenges through mediation. If the situation continues to deteriorate after the agreement and mediation phases, and living comfortably together is no longer possible, a student may apply for a room change.

Will I be able to get mail on campus? If so, what is my mailing address?

Yes. Each student is assigned a mailbox in our campus mailroom located in the Studio Building. If you receive a package, a notice is placed in your mailbox, and the package will be kept behind the mailroom desk until you come pick it up. Important campus mailings and notifications will also be sent to your on campus mailbox so be sure to check it at least once a day.

Your address will be:

Your Name
Mailbox #
503 William Street
Utica, NY 13502

Who cleans my room?

All students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms/suites. Campus maintenance staff will clean all residence hall common spaces (lounges, hallways, etc.), empty garbage from the trash room, and conduct general upkeep and maintenance around the hall.

More questions? 

Contact the Residence Life Office at 315-797-0000 ext. 2221 or email.

Student Life

Student life at PrattMWP is one of the top reasons to apply. Our students are able to begin their art education on an intimate campus that builds their confidence and offers rare opportunities to show their art and work closely with full-time faculty.

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