2024-25 FAFSA Updates 


Updated May 13, 2024

Our Financial Aid Office continues to receive FAFSA records daily, and is generating aid packages within 1-3 business days of receiving a student's FAFSA.  

Students who have submitted a FAFSA but have not yet received an aid package are encouraged to reach out to our office by emailing finaid@prattmunson.edu or calling 800.755.8920, option 2.

Updated April 12, 2024

The Department of Education has announced that they will open up the FAFSA for corrections early next week.  At that time, students and parents should be able to access their existing FAFSA form via StudentAid.gov and make corrections, such as applying signatures and adding school codes.  

If students and parents continue to encounter issues making corrections to their FAFSA, please contact us at finaid@prattmunson.edu so we may offer you an extension to the May 1 deposit deadline


We will be generating financial aid packages for returning students beginning next week. 


Updated March 26, 2024

Pratt Munson continues to receive FAFSA data from the Department of Education, and financial aid packages continue to be mailed daily.  Students can always inquire about the status of their FAFSA by emailing finaid@prattmunson.edu.

We understand that the Department of Education is currently preventing students from making any corrections, including applying missing signatures, to their existing FAFSAs.  We do not anticipate students being able to make corrections until early April.  We will continue to monitor this issue and provide updates here as needed.


Updated March 19, 2024

The release of 2024-25 FAFSA data began this week.  Pratt Munson is currently receiving FAFSA data in batches and anticipates this process to continue over the next 2-3 weeks.  

Our office has started mailing 2024-25 financial aid packages to newly admitted students this week, and will continue to do so as new FAFSA records are received by our office.


Updated February 28, 2024

As you may be aware, there have been significant changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) this year, resulting in processing delays.

Recently, the Department of Education indicated that they expect to begin releasing FAFSA data to all schools in mid-March. With that being said, with the backlog of applications, it may take several days before all FAFSAs have been released.

What can I do while I'm waiting to receive my official aid package?

Pratt Munson realizes that some students and parents are anxiously awaiting their aid packages, so they can make the best financial decisions when it comes to where they will attend this this fall.  With that being said, we would like to offer students an estimated picture of the types of financial aid that they may qualify for, and what their potential remaining costs may look like for the upcoming 2024-25 academic year.

To receive an estimated aid package, students should follow these steps:

  • Students, together with their parents, should complete the online Federal Student Aid Estimator. For the most accurate estimate, please ensure honesty in completing the form and remember to use 2022 tax information!
  • Once completed, an estimated Student Aid Index (SAI) will be generated.
  • Students should download and email a copy of their estimated results to finaid@prattmunson.edu. A download of the results can be found at the bottom of the webpage.

What if I already submitted a 2024-25 FAFSA?

If you have already successfully submitted a FAFSA, please email your FAFSA confirmation page or results to finaid@prattmunson.edu so we can provide an estimated aid package.

When will I receive my official aid package?

The Financial Aid Office plans to begin mailing official aid packages in late March or early April for students who have submitted a FAFSA.

Students that have not yet completed a 2024-25 FAFSA should do so as soon as possible.


Returning students can anticipate receiving their financial aid packages in early April.     
Any questions?  Please email finaid@prattmunson.edu or call 800.755.8920, option 2.