Discover your path to art and design at Pratt Munson, the Extension Campus of the renowned Pratt Institute, where creativity flourishes and possibilities abound. Choose Pratt Munson and embrace a transformative education that nurtures your artistic potential and prepares you for a vibrant career in the world of art and design.

Pratt Munson and Pratt Institute are ranked among the top design schools by BusinessWeek, and number one for fine arts and studio programs in USA Today, and Pratt Munson was ranked among the top US design schools in Graphic Design USA.

The School of Art is home to four distinct departments and boundless opportunity for growth. During your time here, you’ll develop your perspective and hone your practice alongside students from around the world


Here at Pratt Munson, we offer the first two years of Pratt Institute’s prestigious and professional BFA programs in:

Communications Design (graphic design, illustration) 
Fine Arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and integrated practices and jewelry) 
Art and Design Education (teacher preparation/certification)

The curriculum at Pratt Munson is identical to Pratt’s, ensuring a world-class education and seamless transition to the Brooklyn campus in year three.



At Pratt Munson, you'll benefit from a dedicated faculty of experienced artists and designers who provide personalized instruction in modern studios and computer labs. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 10 to 1, you can expect individualized attention in every class, ensuring a supportive learning environment.  



Note that switching majors upon relocation may extend the duration required to earn your degree beyond two years. 

Upon completing your initial two years on the Utica campus, you will seamlessly transition to Pratt's main campus in Brooklyn, NY as a junior to complete your BFA degree. Graduating from Pratt Institute, you will join a distinguished community of talented alumni.

Relocating to Brooklyn


students walking through pratt campus courtyard