Who We Are

Discover a vibrant community of art and design students at Pratt Institute's upstate New York extension campus in Utica.

Utica to Brooklyn at Pratt Munson

At Pratt Munson in Utica, we offer a seamless transition for students to continue their education at Pratt's main campus in Brooklyn. By starting their educational path at Pratt Munson, students not only follow the same prestigious curriculum as their peers at Pratt Institute, but do so in the intimate and supportive atmosphere of our upstate campus at a fraction of the cost than other top art and design schools.

Why start your Bachelor’s Degree at Pratt Munson College of Art and Design?

+10 to 1 student-faculty ratio with attentive, professionally practicing artist and designer faculty

+Identical first- and second-year curriculum as the Pratt Institute in a quieter, more intimate environment

+A substantially lower tuition cost for the first two years than most top art and design schools, and generous merit-based scholarships

+Seamless and automatic relocation to the Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn campus to complete your BFA

+Beautiful campus with a mix of historic and contemporary architecture, including modern studios, on-campus housing, and the prestigious Munson Museum of Art

+ Robust exhibition opportunities

+A close and connected cohort of talented students from all around the world

Pratt Munson students perform so well as juniors and seniors on the main campus because the first two years of their art degree are spent in a tight-knit community of working artists that individually nurtures their potential. Just far enough from the noise and distractions of the big city art scene, Pratt Munson is a place for a young artist to develop and test their own voice – and have that voice be heard.

Our History

In 1999, Pratt Institute and Munson collaborated to establish PrattMWP College of Art and Design, offering students a distinct art college experience.

Combining Munson’s renowned arts community with Pratt's esteemed reputation and curriculum, this partnership has cultivated a focused, passionate, and supportive learning atmosphere that attracts artists worldwide.

Munson originated in 1919 as Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, a center for art, music, and social engagement. Named after a prominent Utica family known for their philanthropy, the Institute aimed to emphasize the pivotal role of arts in a vibrant community. In 1936, Munson opened its doors to the public, showcasing a vast collection of fine and decorative arts, and established the School of Art in 1941. The state of New York granted the school the authority to confer the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1948.

From the beginning, the School of Art aimed to instill a strong visual arts foundation, preparing students for further education at leading art schools nationwide. Recognizing the exceptional quality of students emerging from Utica, Pratt Institute saw an opportunity and formed an affiliation with Munson. This alliance allowed students a clear pathway to earn their BFA degree at one of the world's renowned art colleges, with a guaranteed and seamless relocation to Pratt's Brooklyn campus in their junior year. The transition was smooth due to the shared emphasis on foundational education. Additionally, Pratt Munson students take advantage of the distinguished Munson Museum of Art and Performing Arts programs

Our art school campus features a world-renowned Museum of Art with 20 galleries and a collection of more than 12,000 works of art including Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois, Bill Viola, and hundreds of other famous artists.

At no cost, students enjoy the variety of hundreds of events presented by our Performing Arts division, including live stage performances and a superb film series. They enhance their education by taking advantage of the depth and variety of arts activities offered on the Munson campus.