By acknowledging and accepting your financial aid award offer, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

  • You will notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if you receive sources of assistance that are not listed on your financial aid award letter, or are listed with different dollar amounts.
  • You confirm that the information reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is correct and complete.
  • You are not in default on any educational loans and do not owe a refund for any federal funds received at Pratt Munson or any other college.
  • You agree to notify the Financial Aid Office if you are incarcerated during any term in which you are receiving financial aid.
  • You are enrolled or matriculated into a degree program.
  • You are making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree as described in our college catalog.
  • To earn the full amount of your financial aid awards, you must maintain the enrollment level indicated on your award notice. 
  • You must notify the Registrar’s Office if you withdraw from the Institute, so you can complete the necessary withdrawal paperwork.
  • If you withdraw before the 60% completion point, 9th week of the semester, you may be required to repay funds that were previously disbursed to your student account.
  • You agree that your financial aid will be used to pay any institutional charges that accrue to your account.
  • If you wish to limit aid to pay only tuition, fees, and on-campus housing charges, you must notify the Financial Aid Office.
  • You will respond promptly to all requests from the Financial Aid Office for additional information. If you do not respond, you may be billed for a portion or all of the financial aid disbursed to you.
  • You certify that any federal student aid funds received during the award year will be used solely for educational expenses related to attending college throughout the academic year.
  • You agree to repay Pratt Munson any financial aid funds disbursed to you in error. If a mistake was made whether by you, the Financial Aid Office, or another agency, federal regulations require that the mistake be corrected and funds are billed back as necessary. 


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