Programs of Study


There is no one way to practice Communications Design. At Pratt Munson, we see it as a close alignment of thinking and making. In today's image-centric world, the demand for design is rapidly growing, encompassing graphic design, illustration, advertising art direction, and branding. 

 Getting your start at Pratt Munson sets you up for success. Pratt Institute is home to one of the finest communications design programs globally, producing talented illustrators, advertisers, and graphic designers sought after for their exceptional skills and creativity. The comprehensive curriculum develops hands-on expertise, sharp visual acuity, critical thinking, and social consciousness, positioning graduates for success in the job market.


The Graphic Design program equips students with the essential skills to effectively convey ideas and solve conceptual problems while mastering technical expertise. From websites to mobile apps and product packaging, you'll learn to create visually compelling solutions across various media platforms, using cutting-edge technology and software, while embracing the flexibility to specialize in your preferred graphic medium.Click through to learn more


Illustration is a purpose-driven creative discipline. While employing tools utilized in painting, photography, animation, graphic design, and other fields, our Illustration program focuses on creating imagery with the intention of conveying precise meanings and messages. With an emphasis on purposeful visual storytelling, you'll develop the skills to communicate effectively through your illustrations, regardless of the medium.Click through to learn more


Fine Arts largely influences the information of our contemporary visual imagination. The world is revealed through the hand, mind, and expression of the artist. The contributions of the fine arts are as significant in understanding a culture as knowing its technological achievements. Whether it is Jewelry, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, or Sculpture and Integrated Practices, many of the skills learned in studying fine art in college, such as problem solving and conceptual thinking, are the basis for successfully navigating all aspects of life.


Drawing is a universal impulse that defines what is fundamentally human—from animals drawn on cave walls twenty millennia ago to every form of visual and spatial expression today. As a drawing major, you will be challenged to explore all possibilities of what a drawing can be and which conceptual approaches, tools, and techniques best convey your ideas and intentions.Click through to learn more


Develop a sense of purpose while learning to express ideas effectively through visual language and a mature studio practice. Our program intentionally embraces diverse styles and working methods, from direct observation from life and photographs to making work entirely driven by abstract ideas.Click through to learn more


Print, from its earliest form, has been a way to document, communicate, and disperse information both written and visual. The printmaking concentration at Pratt explores visual representation through the medium of print as a primary art form.Click through to learn more


Our internationally competitive undergraduate jewelry program offers you a rich and rigorous educational experience, preparing you for a career that is filled with countless opportunities in the field of contemporary jewelry Click through to learn more


Explore a multitude of media, techniques, and ideas reflective of contemporary sculpture and integrated practices in a dynamic learning environment. You will investigate diverse conceptual approaches, media, and processes through core studio and elective courses.Click through to learn more


Studying strong photographic practices and discourses in analog and digital processes, we prepare you to actively contribute to culture and society as leaders in the photographic arts and applied industries. Click through to learn more



Address complex social issues, experiment with new ideas and materials, and shape art and design’s role in social change and transformation, in collaboration with schools, community, and cultural organizations Click through to learn more